Become a Thought Leader

The competitive nature of the marketplace, combined with the more intelligent, well-informed buyer, requires that your organization become known for the value you provide and not just your product or service.  In short you need to become known as the industry thought leader for your marketplace.

What is a thought leader?  Wikipedia’s definition says it best:

A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.

And how do you become known as a thought leader?  It requires some effort, but once you start the perpetual motion machine into action, it can have a dramatic affect on you and your business.

  • Be a resource of ideas.  You can accomplish this by simply sharing business or personal growth ideas through email, a blog, or many other methods.  Whether you pass along a link to an article from Inc Magazine’s website or connect someone to a blog post they might find valuable, you are proving yourself to be a resource of ideas.
  • Connect socially.  Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any number of the options out there, try to get engaged in the social arena.  Of course, the key to being known as a thought leader is that you share ideas and engage in discourse with your followers.
  • Get out there and speak.  Schedule opportunities to speak to groups of people.  Share ideas through the power of networking and public speaking.  There are groups all over looking for speakers on a wide variety of topics.  Why not you?
How are you engaging and providing value in the form of ideas and conversation?  It’s a lot easier than you think but you have to get started and actually do it.
What works well for you?

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