Leading Dominant Growth

Achieving your business plan is nice, but is that what you really want?  At best, an attitude like that is mediocre and leads to mediocre results.  And in the end mediocrity fails.

On the other hand, leading your team or business into unchartered waters of dominant sales performance requires a new level of leadership.  It requires a determination to not merely settle but, instead, to rise above.

When you resolve to rise above and raise expectations, your people will respond.  This is how you experience 64%+ revenue growth year-over-year.  You burn the ships and leave no doubt about what can and will be achieved.

What kind of leader are you?  Do you settle for what you can get? Are you raising expectations?  Are you inspecting to ensure your people get it?  Mediocre leadership or dominant, results-driven leadership?

Which one describes you?

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