Would You Pass the Leadership Test?

I’m re-reading, for probably the 4th time, Frank Pacetta’s book, Stop Whining – Start Winning.  In it, he has list of leadership fundamentals that every leader should engage in.  The list includes:

  • Take Action Now
  • Cut down barriers between your customers and your company
  • Create a vision for your team
  • Find your top performers now and embrace them
  • Get out in the field – Show them
  • “Care” about them
  • Demand that they “compete”
  • Live the vision
  • Ask for help
  • Over communicate
  • Build pride
  • Establish quick rewards and consequences
  • Cut out cynicism and under achievers
  • Be adaptable to change
  • Make people want to come to work

Where do you stand against this list?  For me, it’s a great reminder of where I sometimes fall short and where I need to return to the fundamentals of being a true, game-changing leader.


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