Book Review: The Dan Sullivan Question

ImageIf one question, asked consistently, could change the direction of your sales force or even your own personal sales efforts, would you take advantage of it?  Would you use it?

In Dan Sullivan’s latest book, The Dan Sullivan Question:  Ask It and Transform Anyone’s Future, he introduces the reader to a very powerful question that will truly transform the nature of conversations you have in sales.

Too often we get wrapped up in the standard fare of conversing with prospects and fail to really get to know what’s at the heart and soul of their desires and goals.  As a result, we fail to truly differentiate ourselves and become one of the masses knocking on the door — just more noise.

Shift your thinking and become a real value to your prospect.  Get to know their business inside and out.  Work with them to truly understand what drives them and what their focus is.  And, in doing so, you’ll become a real value, a trusted adviser to your prospect.

Oh, the question…what’s the question?  Sorry; you will have to buy the book.  Click here to check it out.

Full disclosure — I get nothing for this review but the satisfaction that you may also find it valuable to you and your success.

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