Just Like in Politics…If You’re Dominating, Don’t Debate

This past week, the Democrat challenger to Jim Inhofe, the incumbent US Senator from Oklahoma, complained that Senator Inhofe won’t agree to a pre-election debate.  It got me to thinking…the Senator’s plan of choosing to not debate is the right strategy.  If you’re the dominant player, why should you debate?

Just like in politics, in business your purpose must be to dominate your market.  I can’t get any more clear than that.  When you compete, you give some level of credibility to your “competition.”  You’re, in effect, saying, “Yes, they play in my space and offer similar, if not equal solutions.”  That’s not only wrong, it’s stupid.

Your goal must be to completely dominate your market.  How do you do that?

  • Do what others in your space are NOT doing.
  • Raise your activity level to levels that leave them with their tongues hanging out.
  • Be seen everywhere…Blogs, email campaigns, social media, chamber events, everywhere.
  • Become their worst nightmare.

When you take this approach, you’ll hear that you’re not playing fair.  Exactly!  That’s what you want.  Better yet, you’ll be winning business, winning market share, and you’ll be getting higher prices and more profit out of every transaction.  When there’s no competition, you can virtually name your price.

So, Senator Inhofe, my hat’s off to you.  Let them think they’re competing for the vote when, in reality, they’re just eating your dust!

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