Do What the Average Aren’t Doing

Success doesn’t happen to me.

Success happens because of me.

–Grant Cardone

How are your business results looking as we head into the final two months of the year?  And how are the prospects of a successful launch of 2015 looking for you?

If you are like most, you’re simply scrambling trying to get through the next couple of months bemoaning the fact that November and December typically suck because of the holidays and whining about your results.  But let’s face it; November and December come around – like clock work – every year.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are on the calendar for every single year.

Time for a reality check.  You’re struggling because you’re suffering from an average approach to your work.  You’re average approach to the market space in which you operate is what is preventing you from having the kind of success you deserve to have.  Let me rephrase that; you’re getting the kind of success you deserve.  What you need to do is to shift your thinking and your approach and take a market space leadership approach.  And then, only then, will you deserve the real level of success you want and deserve.

What can you do differently?

  • Stop thinking and operating based on the average.  The average person chooses to do what average does.  The norm.  The standard.  The basic levels of expectation.  But average doesn’t take into account the unexpected.  Sick days.  Car trouble.  Sick kids.  Customers who cancel appointments or put off making a decision.  And average thinking gets you, at best, average results.  Take your game to another level.
  • Dramatically increase your level of activity.  Start today and begin raising your expectations of yourself and begin to generate a substantial level of activity.  If the average is 20 calls a day, start making 40 or 50 calls a day.  If the average is 2 appointments a day, start aiming for 5 appointments per day.  Raise the level of your activity to star-level activity and you will start to see dramatically different results.
  • Do what no one else is doing.  There are a number of things you can start doing today that no one else in your industry is doing:
    • Send a handwritten Thank You note to five current customers every day.
    • Send a handwritten Thank You note to every person you speak to and meet with every day.
    • Follow up like your life depends on it.  If you leave a voice mail and they don’t call back, call again.  And again.  And again.
    • Never present a proposal to a prospect without asking for the order — AND — make sure you have paperwork with you to get it signed.  (You’d be surprised how many reps fail on this point!)
    • View every “No” and objection simply as a complaint.  It simply means you haven’t addressed a question or dealt with a point of fear the prospect has.
    • Fill your calendar every week.  When you start work on Monday morning and look at your calendar for the upcoming week (or more), there should be minimal white space.  White space indicates wasted time and that means missed opportunities.  Fill it up!

Will this make a difference in your November and December?  You bet it will!  Better still, this level of activity, continuously maintained, will lead to an increase in business throughout 2015.

If you will commit to this and commit to continuously improving your skills, your W-2 will show a huge difference.

Go big or stay home!

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