Rise Above Your Fear

The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.

John C. Maxwell

This quote from John Maxwell appropriately sums up what I find to be the critical difference between those who are enjoying high levels of consistent success and those who just get by with average results.  And it’s the critical thing every sales professional and every business needs to address if they desire to take their success to the next level.

Your fear of failure is holding you back.  It’s preventing you from setting big goals and from pursuing your dreams.  You fear failing and what others might say or think if you do happen to fail.  And it’s why you continue to wallow in mediocrity.

Average thinking is, in the end, a losing proposition.  Average thinking gives you the false impression that you’re doing fine when, in reality, you are slipping ever so slowly towards the bottom.  Average is about getting by.  It’s about surviving.  But that’s what is holding you down.

Average thinking would have stopped Walt Disney from pushing through his multiple failures and creating his magical kingdom.

Average thinking would have stopped Abraham Lincoln from rising back up from one defeat after another and from changing the landscape of this great nation.

Average thinking would have kept JFK from challenging us to rise above the earth to the moon and beyond.

The self-destruction of the middle class over the past six years is the result of the fear of failure.  Far too many people still sting from the losses incurred during the great recession and, vowing not to experience again, they are paralyzed from taking risks.  This recipe for disaster has caused the proverbial middle class to slide to mediocrity and a Grand Canyon-type of gap to exist between the successful and the wannabes.

So what’s the solution?  Start by taking a look at your written goals.  No, not the ones you wrote in January, filed away and then gave up on by mid- to late-January.  What are your dreams?  Are they on paper?  Oh…there’s part of the problem.

Let’s start here…

  • Think big.  Write down real big goals.  Stretch yourself to think bigger, risk greater, and achieve higher.
  • Write them down — every single day.  This will cause you to revisit them and keep them fresh and top-of-mind each and every day.  We need inspiration many days just to keep after it and big goals, revisited daily, cause us to be reminded of why we do what we do.
  • Set your fears aside.  Failure is a winning strategy.  it’s what makes us stronger and what helps us to achieve more.  We need to bust through the failure and rise above it.  Your fear of it is what’s holding you back.
  • Recognize that life happens, so dream bigger and create activity that is far above what you’ve ever done.  Things will happen – the car breaks down, the kids get sick, you get sick, a recession happens — things we don’t expect or plan for.  But if your goals are big enough and you’re taking a massive amount of action each and every day, these life interruptions will seem less of a distraction and you will be able to push through.
  • Stop hanging out with and listening to average people.  I’ve often found that, if you want to find out what someone’s goals are and where they’re headed in the future, just look at those they surround themselves with.  What are their friends like?  Who do they spend time with on a regular basis?  This provides critical insight into the influence that is taking place.  Elevate your circle to other dreamers and risk takes.

Stop letting fear paralyze you.  Stop thinking like an average person and rise above the noise of those who want to hold you back.  And the rewards will be great!

Go big or stay home!

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