Are You Hungry for Business?

On my way to the office this morning, I was listening to one of the books in my audio library – If You’re Not First, You’re Last, by Grant Cardone.  In his book Grant writes,

“You will never create a powerful, solvent, prosperous, and abundant economy with an attitude of arrogance.  You better have your best game face on when economies tighten up; people who are looking for reasons NOT to do business with you won’t tolerate any egotism… You cannot afford to make mistakes in these times.  Let your competitors act like they don’t need the business while you make it clear that YOU do.”

As I heard these words, I was reminded that we all too often miss the mark and don’t act hungry enough to want the business.  We call and leave a voice mail and then just wait for the call back.  We send an email and complain when we don’t hear back a week later.  We cannot – we must not — let prospects think we have so much business working that we don’t have time for them!

I know; you’re thinking right now that it’s frustrating that prospects won’t actively respond to you.  Get over it!  You and I are not why they are in business.  They have priorities and other projects — we are just another item on the “To do” list.

That being said, we must actively pursue our prospects.  We can’t give up just because they didn’t return our phone call.  We can’t write them off when they don’t pursue us as much as we’re pursuing them.

So what can you do?  Here are a few tips to prove you’re hungry and deserving of their business:

  • Contact, contact, contact!  When you call and get their voice mail, you MUST leave a voice mail.  I don’t care if it’s the 10th one you’ve left.  Mix up the message but make sure they know you reached out to them.  When you hang up, mail them a handwritten card.  Send them an email.  You want to be everywhere they turn.
  • Send something creative.
    • Have you ever sent a big red rubber ball to get someone’s attention?  No?  Try and add a written message to the ball and they will mail it directly to your prospect.
    • If you call at 9am and they don’t call you back by 11am — call again.  Keep calling.
    • Send a shoe.  Go buy a shoe at the local Goodwill and send it to the prospect.  “Now that I have one foot in the door, I’d like to bring the other with me to meet with you.”
    • Send a Starbucks card for $5 and a note suggesting that, while they enjoy a favorite beverage on you, think about other ways you can help them and their business succeed.  Ask for a meeting at Starbucks or for after they use the $5 gift card.
    • Drop by the office with a dozen donuts with a big red bow wrapped around the box.  Let the gatekeeper know it’s a special delivery for your prospect and it must be hand-delivered.
    • Send a card.  Sign up for and create customized, personalized cards to send to your prospects.

The bottom line is this:  Are you doing what your competition is doing?  Are you just sitting back waiting for the prospect to get off their seat and call you back?  Wrong plan!  Do everything — I mean EVERYTHING — you’re competition won’t do.  Go the extra mile and prove to the prospect that no one — NO ONE — wants their business as much as you do.  Not because you “need it,” but because you’re the best and only real solution to meet their needs.

Get hungry and start seeing some dramatic results!

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