The Alamo Mentality

The AlamoIn the early hours of March 6, 1836, the Mexican Army began their final assault on the Alamo.  Facing insurmountable odds, those brave people entrenched at the Alamo stood their ground and faced down the invading Mexican Army.  When the day was done, every American in the Alamo was dead.  Historians report that between 182 and 257 people died in the Alamo and that approximately 600 of the 1,500 Mexican troops lost their lives in the battle.  Those at the Alamo that day were committed.

“I’d rather be 100% committed to the wrong thing, than only partially committed to the right thing.” –Grant Cardone

I’ve written about the subject of commitment before, but I sense the need to revisit it.  We’re 50 days into this new year; how’s it going for you?  Are you getting the results you need or desire?  Are you where you need to be at this point?  Do you have an Alamo-like commitment?

I suspect you, like far too many, if we’re being honest, will admit that you’re already struggling.  In fact, your New Year’s Resolutions are long past gone and your year-to-date results are nothing to write home to mamma about.

If you’re not getting the results you should be, I have to ask:  “Are you really committed to what you are doing?”  Too many sales professionals argue that they’re committed, they’re all in.  And yet, when you look at their daily activities and their results, it’s clear they’re not committed.

If your company isn’t getting the results you should or need to be getting, I have to ask:  “Are you really committed to your company and your clients or are you just mailing it in?”

Here’s what real commitment looks like:

  • Committed to the End Result:  If you are a sales professional, let’s be real clear about your responsibility.  You’re paid to do one thing and one thing only:  Close business.  If you aren’t closing business that only means that you’re not committed.  You’re not committed to doing the daily things that position you to close more business.  You have impotent goals – or worse, no goals – that fail to inspire you to greatness.  If you are really committed, you are investing daily into the activities that create the results you are paid for – signed orders.  If you’re really committed, you’re not sipping another cup of coffee, scanning your database or the internet for leads, you’re creating business.  In fact, you already know where you need to be.
  • Committed to Your Career:  If you are truly committed, you’re taking daily action to learn your craft.  You aren’t waiting for someone else to do it for you; you’re investing in yourself.  You’re reading.  You’re listening to training material or motivational information in your car.  You’re using downtime to sharpen your skills.  You’re role playing with your team members to improve your sales ability.
  • Committed to the Grass on this Side of the Fence:  The grass is always greener on the other side, but that’s because of the “fertilizer” they happen to use.  The fertilizer, if you will, is prevalent everywhere, in every company.  It just has a different name and a different look, but really – it’s all the same.  If you’re working for ABC Company while also keeping your options open, you’re not committed.  Either get in or get out!
  • Look Like You’re Committed:  Do you dress the part?  Take a quick look at yourself in the mirror.  Do you look like someone who is committed to excellence, to success?  Or do you just look like every other schmo in the industry or in your community?  Elevate your game and look like you really mean business.
  • Committed to Your Clients:  When you’re in front of your clients, are you 100% focused on them?  Or are you thinking about the fat commission check you’re going to get off this deal?  Or are you thinking about your next appointment?  If you’re committed, you’re focused on your client — the one you’re in front of right now.  Get focused on your client!
  • Committed to Your Employees (as well as your Clients):  The biggest challenge for virtually every business is the failure to believe in the products they represent.  If you aren’t using your own solutions and services, are you really committed to those products and solutions?  What does that say about your commitment to your employees?  What does that say about your commitment to your clients?  Is it just lip service or are you prepared to get all in?

The lack of real commitment is one of the greatest dangers to this country and to our future.  Your lack of commitment is holding you back.  It’s creating a more challenging life.  In fact, it’s your lack of commitment that is creating this “living paycheck to paycheck” mentality.  We need individuals and companies who will step up their game, man up, and operate with an Alamo type of attitude.  We need men and women who have the brass balls and intestinal fortitude to do whatever it takes to be successful and make a difference in this world.

I hope you’re with me.  It’s pretty lonely in the Alamo right now.  I could use a few more people who are willing to take a stand!

Go big or go home!

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