Ronda Rousey & Sales Competitiveness

ronda-rousey-ufc-1432209277This coming Saturday, Ronda Rousey battles Bethe Correia in defense of her UFC title.  They will do battle in Correia’s home country of Brazil and, amid the immense amount of trash talking, it has all the appearances of a great fight.  Or so it appears.

According to, the real question isn’t who will win but how quickly.

The Question

Can Bethe Correia avoid getting finished by Rousey in less than 30 seconds?


That’s pretty bold, of course. The only question with Correia is how quickly Rousey will beat her?

That’s the point where things are right now, though. Rousey’s success is assured. How and when it comes about is academic.

As I listen to all the hype surrounding the fight and Ronda Rousey’s incredible skill and talent, her approach to a fight – this as well as every fight — is what every sales professional and business owner should adapt to their own business.

Ronda Rousey’s approach is simple — dominate the opponent and make a quick end of each and every fight.  To accomplish this, she must prepare and train for every possibility.  Nothing must be left to chance.  To dominate, she comes out strong, with massive action, and forces her opponent to submit or leave the ring minus a large number of brain cells.

Dominate Your Space

In business, our goal must be to dominate.  Competition is a non-starter.  Either your goal is to dominate your space or you should leave the space for someone who really cares.  Every inch you give to your “competitor,” every win you allow to take place, emboldens your “competitor” and gives them the false hope that success can be theirs.  That isn’t an option.  Not in the ring and not in the market place.  Once your opponent is down, you must force their hand and their will.

Massive Action

To dominate your space, it requires you to take massive action.  Normal levels of action, which is what the average person will take, will never win you the market space and it surely will not empower you to dominate the market.  Your “competitor,” just like an opponent of Ronda Rousey, must feel so completely overwhelmed by your attack, your confidence, your drive that they wilt under the pressure.  In so doing, you strike fear in future competition BEFORE you ever enter the arena.

Complete Commitment

All of this is great on paper but meaningless in reality if you are unwilling to give your complete commitment to the process.  Winning in life, in business, and, yes, in the ring, commands your complete, unwavering commitment.  If and when Ronda Rousey is beat, it will likely be due to her lack of attention to detail in the preparation phase.  So, too, it is with you.  You must plan for success by mapping out your day, your week, your month.  You must have a focus on where you want to be and what it will take to get there.  You must train, educate yourself, and stay on top of your game day-in, day-out.  There is not a day to choose not to bring your proverbial “A” game, that is, unless you intend on getting beat!

Dominate or Wuss Out?

The choice is yours.  In fact, you made the choice when you got out of bed today and you’ll make it again tomorrow.  Either you will choose to dominate or you choose to be whipped.  There are no reasonable alternatives.  The arena is not for the faint of heart.  It’s for those who choose to win, to whip, to force their supposed “competition” to submit or be knocked out.

So what’s your plan?

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