Be So Relentless You’re Unstoppable

RelentlessTim Grover, along with Shari Wenk, has written a great book entitled, “Relentless:  From Good to Great to Unstoppable.”  If you haven’t read it, just take my advice and get this book.

In his book, Tim introduces us to the three different types of competitors.  He has provided them with his own special names:  Coolers, Closers and Cleaners.  In short, they represent the good, the great and the unstoppable competitors.

Here is a summary comparison of the three; which one are you?


Good Competitors


Great Competitors


The Unstoppable Competitors
Can have an amazing game Can have an amazing season Have amazing careers
Worry about the competition and how they measure up Study the competition and plan their attack based on the opponent Make the competition study them; they don’t care whom they’re facing, they know they can handle anyone
Avoid taking the winning shot Take the shot if they know they have a good chance of making it Trust their gut and shoot; they don’t have to think about it
Won’t offer to take on a role they’re not comfortable with Will take the role if you ask them and they’ll do it well, if they have enough time to prepare and study the situation They don’t wait to be asked; they just do it!
Let others decide whether they’re successful; they do the job and wait to see if you approve Feel successful when they get the job done They never feel as if they’ve achieved success because there’s always more to do
They don’t want to carry the team, but they’re the first to slap you on the back when you do a good job They want the credit for getting the job done and love being congratulated for what they did They rarely congratulate you for doing your job; they simply expect you to do it
Think they want the spotlight, but when they get it, they usually handle it badly Stand in front because they need to show who’s in charge Don’t have to show who’s in charge — everyone already knows
They will eat whatever you feed them Will order what they want and be satisfied with a great meal It doesn’t matter what he eats, he’ll still be hongry again in an hour
Always needs a kick in the ass Occasionally needs a kick in the ass Never needs a kick in the ass

If you’re a “Cooler,” stay home and don’t bother me.  If you’re a “Closer,” we have a lot in common.  But my aim is to be the ultimate cleaner – an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

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