Choose to be Phenomenal

btpjovaccaa7m3mI am phenomenal

With every ounce of my blood

With every breath in my lungs

Won’t stop until I’m phe-no-menal

I am phenomenal

However long that it takes

I’ll go to whatever lengths

It’s gonna make me a monster though

I am phenomenal

But I would never say, ‘Oh, it’s impossible’

Cause I’m born to be phenomenal


Written by Mario Resto, Luis Resto & Eminem


We’ve been endowed with the seeds of greatness and designed to be absolutely phenomenal.  But are you?  Are you living the dream?  Are you striving for greatness or continuing to live a life of mediocrity?

As we wrap up the first month of the year and reflect on the New Year resolutions that died two weeks ago, let’s talk about the seeds of greatness that reside within you.  Every morning you wake to a new day and the opportunity to develop your phenomenal nature.  But it’s not happening?  Why?


You’re afraid of what will happen when you do, in fact, become phenomenal.  You’re afraid of what others will say.  As you improve and leave friends, family and co-workers behind breathing the decayed dust in your wake, what will you say?  What will they say?  How will they respond?

Perhaps you’re afraid of the harsh reality that it takes work.  And what takes work is often painful as we’re forced to stretch beyond our capabilities.  While the pain is momentary, it’s easier to set aside the dreams of greatness in exchange for the present comfort of mediocrity.

If you’re tired of being stuck and not achieving the reality of the greatness within you, let me share with you three key steps to take to shift from the slacker you are to the phenomenal greatness you’re intended to be.

  1. Allow yourself to dream and dream big.  Dream the dreams only winners can dream.  Expand your horizon from the limits of who you have been to the dreams of who you can and will be.  Put your dreams down on paper and reflect on them.  And them write them down again, writing them down as if the dreams are already a reality.  This isn’t a time to question your sanity.  You should have questioning your sanity all along as you let yourself drift along.  Write your dreams down each and every day and reflect on who you are becoming as your dreams, your goals, begin to take shape.
  2. Take action! As you write down your dreams, ask yourself this: “What is one thing I can do today to move towards making my dreams a reality?”  For far too many there is a significant gap between talking and doing, between dreams and reality.  What separates the phenomenal and the average, mediocre individual is action.  Each and every day, no matter how small, you must take action.  Ask yourself, as you rewrite your goals down every day, “What can I do TODAY to move closer to achieving each of these goals?
  3. Silence the bullies! We talk to children a lot these days about how to deal with the bullies in their lives and yet we live every day allowing bullies to encourage us to abandon our dreams.  In my book, Roar Like You Mean It! I write about the necessity of eliminating the hyenas from our lives.  Bullies, hyenas – they’re all the same.  They whisper how unachievable our dreams are.  They snicker when you stumble or take a misstep.  They can be recognized by their inability to encourage and support.  They tear you down because of their own inability to chase their dreams.  Bullies, whether at work, at home, or in other areas of your life, must be dealt with.  There cannot be any grey area when it comes to those in your life and the dreams you seek to make a reality.  If they can’t get on board with who you desire to achieve, they need to be shut up.  You need to put distance between you and them.  You need to keep them out of your head.

How long will you continue to sit on the sidelines and fail to become the phenomenal person you can become?  How long will you dream big dreams and choose, through your inaction, to let them die?  Why do you continue to let the bullies in your life have a presence in your life and affect how and if you pursue your dreams?

You are phenomenal!  It’s time to show it.  It’s time to shine!

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