Sales champions recognize that their solution is not a proper fit for everyone. There will be those who are either a bad fit or the timing is simply not right for them. Either way, sales champions understand that rejection is going to happen. Regardless, they know they must be fearless in spite of the rejection.

Fearless sales pros understand that rejection simply is not personal. In spite of what you think, feel or tell yourself: Everyone is not out to get you! In fact, it’s not about you period. Rejection is prevalent and normal.

Think about it this way: 80% to 90% of all prospecting calls are rejected. Out of 100 calls you may make this week, ten to twenty of them will potentially agree to meet with you and have a conversation about their business and your solutions. That’s a lot of rejection!

Fearlessness is about accepting the reality and working in spite of it. It means acknowledging that it’s just not the right time for this prospect, but not fearing the response. It means making the next phone call, knocking on the next door, in spite of the odds not being in your favor. It means breaking down the barriers in your own mind and continuously moving forward.

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