5 Questions for Home Sellers


Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to sell your real estate – home, recreational property, investment property?

It’s not the length of time you’ve lived in or owned a property that determines when it’s time to sell. There’s no magic number of ownership years that triggers a move.

The reasons for deciding to sell are not the same for every seller nor for every property they own. What is the same are the issues and decisions facing sellers as part of the decision to sell or not.

The following Five Key Questions for Sellers summarize the issues and decisions involved, so answering them facilitates the decision: sell now or not?

#1. Why now?

#2. What’s next?

#3. Who will be the ideal buyer?

#4. What would a “successful sale” include?

#5. Who will help achieve this success?

Your answers to these questions will be unique to your situation, your goals, the current market, and your property, but the following insights into each of the five questions reveal what your answers might involve:

#1. Why now?

  • What is driving you to feel you “must” sell now, not in a few months or next year? What problems or inconveniences could arise if you don’t sell now?

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