I Encourage a “Yes” Vote on OK State Question 788

On Tuesday, June 26th, Oklahoma voters will head to the polls to vote on the candidates they wish to represent their respective party’s different roles on the November 6th ballot.  But it’s not just a Primary vote being cast.  Voters are being asked to make a statewide decision on the legalization of medical marijuana — State Question 788.

I am challenging all voters to vote “Yes” on State Question 788.


Let me start by referencing a question I was asked last night a a Town Hall in Norman.  Participating as an Independent candidate for House District 45, I was asked if I feel I can trust physicians to prescribe medical marijuana in an appropriate manner.  My response is, I believe, succinct and to the heart of the matter.

Will we trust the physicians who are largely responsible for our current opioid epidemic in Oklahoma?

The reality is opioids are creating tragic additions and destroying lives across our great State as well as across our nation.  Physicians, using the medicinal tools available to them have prescribed opioids to attempt to solve a problem by create a far much larger problem.  Medical marijuana is a solution to this problem.

What’s the downside?

State Question 788 is fundamentally flawed in some key areas.  Specifically, I believe SQ788 creates unnecessary hardships for businesses across Oklahoma.  Due to HIPPA regulations, employees cannot be asked in advance about prescription medication.  So knowing or not knowing someone’s use of medical marijuana places both employees and employers in potential danger with heavy equipment and dangerous work tasks.

This can be remedied by rewriting company employee policy manuals, but it is an extra step that employers are faced with.

While this and other challenges exist as a result of the way SQ788 is written, the great benefit to Oklahomans is clear.  State Question 788 positions those in the most need to get a solution that will be far more beneficial to their health without the negative side-effects and additions that are created by opioids and other man-made materials.

So please vote “Yes” on State Question 788.

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