Your Brand & the Personal Touch

note card

How do you make a meaningful impact in the life of another?  How to show you care, that you really appreciate someone?  One of the ways I’ve found and try to use on a daily basis is as old as pen and paper:  The personal note.

Remember when your mom, or maybe it was your grandmother, harped on you to write thank you notes for your birthday gifts?  If you were like me, that was a tedious and unwelcome task.  But they insisted, so we did so.

In the internet age, with email, text messaging and social media, the personal note card has gone the way of the rotary telephone.  In fact, far too many of us have almost forgotten what it’s like to write in ink on paper.  This is why the handwritten personal note is invaluable.

I have found this to be an invaluable way to connect and build relationships with my friends, acquaintances, and business connections.  This is an incredible way of connecting that is unusual and it definitely stands out.

I’ve walked into offices where I had previously sent a handwritten note only to find that the recipient had posted it on their wall or prominently on their desk.  It’s my way of communicating my message with a personal touch and those who have received them have commented on the pleasure they get from receiving one.

Let me wrap up with just a couple of tips.  However, for more in-depth information, I recommend checking out Michael Maher’s great book, The Seven Levels of Communication.

  • Use unbranded cards.  The picture at the top of this post is of the card I use.  It’s monogrammed and has my name, phone number and personal email address on the outside back flap.
  • Write in blue ink.  In the technological age we live in, there are services where you can upload examples of your writing and the computer will duplicate the style and print the cards for you.  Personally that completely voids the unique nature of the “handwritten” note.
  • Use a regular old postage stamp.  For those working in an office with access to a postage machine, you’ll be tempted to go that route.  Unfortunately that takes some of the personal touch away.  I strongly recommend that you simply get a roll of stamps and go all the way with your personal touch.
  • Develop the habit.  Select three to four people every day, at least Monday thru Friday, and send out handwritten cards.  As you get used to it, you’ll find it will take you 30 minutes or less, so it’s not a major strain on your schedule.

To wrap up, if you’re curious and want to test me out, text me, private message me, or email me with your name and mailing address and I’ll drop you your own personal note.  Given the cost of stamps just went up to 55 cents, this could get pricey, but what the heck.  Ask away!

2 thoughts on “Your Brand & the Personal Touch

  1. Tom, nice article, and great advise. Hope you’re doing well. Drop me a card when you can.
    Steve Connelly
    Performance Group, Inc.
    5078 So 111 St.
    Omaha, NE 68137

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