Do You FLY?

One of the biggest challenges we all struggle with is how we think others think of us. It’s one of the biggest challenges of social media. We want affirmation from others. Whether it’s a post, a picture, whatever – if we don’t get the dopamine hit from comments and likes, we start feeling rejected.

To avoid this consider learning to FLY first.

What is FLY? First Love Yourself. Remember you’re far more than the “feedback” you get from others. We must first learn to love ourselves.

It’s hard. Like you, I wrestle with this. But I have to take time to step back and remind myself of my wins. Reflect on my successes. Make a list of everything I’m grateful for.

Our sum total is far greater than the so called affirmations we get online.

Remember that. First lover yourself. And learn to FLY!

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