Roar Like You Mean It - Book CoverROAR LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

The sales profession should be the most noble, the proudest of professions. A true sales champion, through his actions, changes lives, companies and entire industries. For anything to truly happen in our economy, a sale must first take place. Whether we are selling ideas, products or services, our economy thrives or dies as a result of the sales process. At some point in history, the sales profession took in incredible hit. As much as it pains me to say it, we did it to ourselves. As with any profession, there are those who inflict pain and loss as a result of their efforts. It comes in many forms. There are those who fail to accept the appropriate training and those who will embellish the facts in order to secure the order. We have seen those who fail to follow through on promises and those who simply fail to follow up. And there are those unfortunate few who have blatantly lied to get ahead only to leave our profession bearing the burden of a poor, sordid reputation. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for the lion’s to roar!

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FROM OBSCURITY TO MARKET DOMINATIONFrom Obscurity to Market Domination - Book Cover

It is the business who chooses to step out from the dark corners of obscurity and take action that becomes a dominate player in their market space. It is the sales professional who decides to stop letting other competitors take deals from him and begins to take massive action that becomes the dominant force in his local market or even his industry.

You can choose to dominate or be obscure. There is no middle ground.

In his latest book, Tom Hackelman shares why you can’t settle for obscurity anymore. He provides clear, precise and proven strategies for dominating your market space. He also includes a strategic action plan for you to use in creating your market domination plan.

If you’re tired of competing and would rather dominate, this book is intended for you.

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The biggest threat to any salesperson’s career is their lack of daily planning. When you don’t have specific goals, a plan of action and a way to measure your progress, your career is doomed for failure. With The Level 10 Sales Success Planner, Tom Hackelman has drawn from over 30 years of sales success to create the ultimate guide for creating sales habits that will lead to success. In this planner, you will find a way to daily outline your top one year goals and your daily priorities. You’ll also find a list for outlining your daily call activities for proper planning. Because sales is predictable when we do it right, you will be able to track the success of your activities and know if you’re on a path to success. Every new salesperson needs to use this planner. Even seasoned veterans will find this to be a refreshing tool to get their business back on track.


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