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From Dream to Reality

Since I released my first book, Roar Like You Mean It!, I’ve received a considerable number of compliments and congratulations on my accomplishment.  Trust me; it’s a great feeling to have a book officially published with my name on it. What follows, however, is something I want to discuss in this post.  I most often […]

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Are You Persistent?

In his timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill addresses the importance of persistence. He shares a list of weaknesses shared, in whole or in part, by those suffering from a lack of persistence: Failure to recognize and to clearly define exactly what one wants. Procrastination, with or without cause.  (Usually backed up with […]

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Achieve Big Dreams

In his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spells out the specific formula for achieving great things in your career as well as in life.  He writes: Be definite about what you desire. Determine exactly what you intend to give in exchange for what you desire.  What is it you are willing to […]

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