What People are Saying About Tom

A Clear Differentiator


“I have known Tom for several years through two different companies that he has worked for. Tom has always been a man of integrity that I could trust to act in my best interests and whom I could trust to maintain confidentiality when required. I have seen him operate under trying circumstances where he maintained his composure and focus. I highly recommend Tom.” –Louis Crockett, Owner/President, Keiger Printing

“A clear differentiator in today’s business world is to help your customers grow their business. Tom’s efforts to help his customers range from financial ideas, sales ideas and operational ideas too. His ideas have taught me a few things about how I can help my customers with their business needs and that’s what business development is all about. Tom is a great business developer.”  –Peter Muir, President, Bizucate Inc.

“Tom has been a speaker for us on several occasions. Not only is he professional, but he knows his stuff and works with us in a timely fashion to promote and provide materials for speakers. But it’s not just the speaker quality; Tom is a great resource for all things social media – he walks the walk and talks the talk. I would recommend Tom to anyone who needs someone they can count on!”  –Carrie Epps, Vice President of Member Services, PICA

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