3D Printing Made Easy

http://youtu.be/xgmLgQ7YkIU The 3D lifestyle made easy: 3D printing and scanning by 3D Systems. Exclusively from Standley Systems throughout Oklahoma.


Are you settling for average?

I've raised five teenagers and I'm working on the final two.  No, I'm not Catholic; just a busy Baptist.  But I've heard this all to often when correcting one of my many children, "What about (name)?"  "They do it also!"  In other words, if someone else does it -- if the average kid does it … Continue reading Are you settling for average?

Would You Pass the Leadership Test?

I'm re-reading, for probably the 4th time, Frank Pacetta's book, Stop Whining - Start Winning.  In it, he has list of leadership fundamentals that every leader should engage in.  The list includes: Take Action Now Cut down barriers between your customers and your company Create a vision for your team Find your top performers now and … Continue reading Would You Pass the Leadership Test?

3 Steps to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

3 Steps to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive This is a great article from Entrepreneur Magazine.  If you are feeling busier (and who among us isn't?) and more stressed about what needs to get done, I recommend you check out this article. Here's a teaser... Often you get to the end of the … Continue reading 3 Steps to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

Become a Thought Leader

The competitive nature of the marketplace, combined with the more intelligent, well-informed buyer, requires that your organization become known for the value you provide and not just your product or service.  In short you need to become known as the industry thought leader for your marketplace. What is a thought leader?  Wikipedia's definition says it … Continue reading Become a Thought Leader

Leading Dominant Growth

Achieving your business plan is nice, but is that what you really want?  At best, an attitude like that is mediocre and leads to mediocre results.  And in the end mediocrity fails. On the other hand, leading your team or business into unchartered waters of dominant sales performance requires a new level of leadership.  It … Continue reading Leading Dominant Growth